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We do not install our products – you must have an Electrician install the Radiant Floor or Driveway Mats. If you don’t have an ELECTRICIAN – we have a recommendation for an electrician who has the experience installing our products – please inquire.


We are a WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR and provide the necessary material for your job. You would need to have your ELECTRICIAN install the radiant heating mats since some applications may require additional power.


For DRIVEWAY, WALKWAY, PATIO, or STOREFRONT  entrance applications – please have your ELECTRICIAN contact us after reviewing the application with the MASON or PAVING contractor.  


Radiant heating can be used under concrete, brick, pavers, stone or tile and even asphalt pavement to keep your entrance way clear of snow and ice.

  • Driveways

  • Sidewalks

  • Concrete steps

  • Walkways

  • Patios

Install snow melt systems under:

Similar to radiant floor heat systems, snow melt systems consist of cables and wires that can be energized to melt snow as it's falling onto your property.


Controlled with a thermostat, the system will turn on on at the first sign of an event and melt it before it accumulates.

Ditch the shovels and snow plows

Commercial and Residential Freeze Protection.


MERF USA features multiple manufacturers to satisfy even the toughest projects.

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