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Safeguard your Pipes with Freeze Protection

With over 40 years of experience, MERF USA of Elmwood Park, NJ offers a wide array of pipe protection systems so you can rest assured your water will keep running all year long.


We are a WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR and provide the necessary material for your job. You would need to have your ELECTRICIAN install the radiant heating mats since some applications may require additional power.

  • Garage

  • Barn

  • Basement

  • Commercial space

  • Warehouse

  • Sprinkler systems

Ensure continuous flow in your:

To install pipe protection, you can choose between a pre-assembled cable or a cut to length commercial and industrial pipe trace cable to keep the pipes from freezing. Both systems can be controlled by a thermostat.


Take advantage of multiple brand options when you visit MERF USA, one of the most trusted wholesale distributors for all your electrical heating product needs.

Two variations of equipment

Reduce the risk of pipe repairs today!


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