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Extend the Longevity of your Roof and Gutters

We are a WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR and provide the necessary material for your job. You would need to have your ELECTRICIAN install the radiant heating mats since some applications may require additional power


Don't spend all winter heaving excess snow off your roof and out of your gutters! Install a MERF USA radiant cable system and watch the snow melt away before it has a chance to freeze.

  • Prevent ice build up on the ground

  • De-ices your gutters

  • Melts the snow

  • Extend the life of your shingles

  • Less wear and tear on your roof

  • Optional thermostat control

Benefits of roof and gutter heating:

If you spend months worried about how much snow you'll be subjected to, take advantage of multiple heating systems from MERF USA of Elmwood Park, NJ that make snow melting easy!


•  To keep roofs and gutters ice and snow free

   The self-regulating wire will adjust its heating output depending on the

   ambient temperature; the colder the ambient temperature, the warmer

   the wire will be.


•  To keep pipes from freezing

   Applied around a pipe, the cable prevents damage due to frost, freezing  

   and cracking.


Practically eliminate the need to shovel your driveway with driveway snow melt, and avoid damaged pipes with pipe freeze protection options!

Are you buried under snow every year?

Protect your roof and gutters now!


Maximize the efficiency and longevity of your roof and gutter system!

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