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MERF USA, of Elmwood Park, NJ, offers products from various manufacturers which means we are able to tailor the products you need to a price you can afford, based specifically on your project.


We are a WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR and provide the necessary material for your job. You would need to have your ELECTRICIAN install the radiant heating mats since some applications may require additional power.

Sample pricing list per square foot

All prices above are approximate and include a programmable GFCI thermostat and tester, MERF USA believes what is best for your project is what is best for us.


Your MERF USA salesman will help you decide which system is best for your application. If the least expensive system makes the most sense, that is what we will recommend.


Prices may vary depending on the type of sub-floor, thermostat, and floor covering you choose.

Pricing catered to your budget

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Contractor & Wholesale pricing available

Loose cable is the least expensive to purchase, but the most labor intensive to install while full mats are the most expensive to purchase but the least labor intensive.



















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50 SQ. FT.

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100 SQ. FT.

150 SQ. FT.

200 SQ. FT.

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